A journey into different worlds


A journey into different worlds JUNIOR CURATORS: MYSTERIOUS REALMS Junior Curators: Mysterious Realms transports audiences into playful worlds drawn from and inspired by the Ipswich Art Gallery Collection.   A ground breaking program developed with locally based young curators, who embarked on their own journey into the world of curation and exhibitions. Ipswich Art Gallery25 […]

‘Perfectly Imperfect’

IAG Kids: Clay Studio

IAG Kids: Clay Studio Feature Image

‘Perfectly Imperfect’ makers studio for kids IAG KIDS: CLAY STUDIO Clay is the first exhibition in a series by Ipswich Art Gallery, designed to develop visual literacy through experimental, process based, hands-on exploration of the Elements of Art .  IAG Kids Clay Studio harnesses the creative potential of clay to help children discover ‘form’ – […]

Preserving and revitalising a legacy

Rockhampton Botanic Gardens and Zoo

Rockhampton Botanic Gardens and Zoo branding

Preserving and revitalising a legacy ROCKHAMPTON BOTANIC GARDENS AND ZOO The underpinning vision for the Botanic Gardens & Zoo Redevelopment is to revitalise, develop and integrate the facilities, infrastructure and operations across the Botanic Gardens and Zoo, to support its future growth, while focusing on the preservation of its history. Creating a seamless visitor experience […]

Take a look closer

Insect Agency Exhibition

INsect Agecny Exhibition Title Wall

Take a look closer INSECT AGENCY EXHIBITION Insect Agency provides a unique opportunity to delve into the astonishing world of insects, offering a blend of education, entertainment, and inspiration. The exhibition invites you to get up-close and personal with insects and their mind-blowing diversity of shapes, colours and species. 15 September 2023 — 7 July 2024 […]

A modern art love story


Rauschenberg & Johns Exhibition Ipswich Art Gallery

A modern art love story Rauschenberg & Johns: Significant Others Rauschenberg & Johns: Significant Others is a touring exhibition from the National Gallery of Australia. The exhibition opened in Pride month, acting as a great reminder that not that long ago being queer had to be kept secret. Ipswich Art Gallery 03 June to 30 […]

Showcasing a daily sketching ritual

Deb Mostert: Everyday Sketchbooks Exhibition

Showcasing a daily sketching ritual DEB MOSTERT: EVERYDAY SKETCHBOOKS EXHIBITION Decades of daily observations have been preserved through Ipswich-based artist Deb Mostert ‘s sketchbook practice, and she showcases her collection for the first time in Everyday Sketchbooks. “My sketchbook is exploration, in context and connected to a moment in time. I’m free to draw anywhere […]

A mosaic of evolving Australian nature ​

Jane du Rand: Green, Red & Black Exhibition

A mosaic of diverse Australian nature JANE DU RAND: GREEN, RED & BLACK EXHIBITION ‘Green, Red and Black’ features a collective ceramic installation by artist Jane Du Rand capturing the ever-evolving Australian natural landscape. Ipswich Art Gallery 4 March – 14 May 2023 Thousands of glazed tiles reconstruct the artist’s experience of the bush, rainforests, […]

Changing with the times

Criminal Law: Then, Now, Tomorrow Exhibition

Changing with the times CRIMINAL LAW: THEN, NOW, TOMORROW EXHIBITION Criminal Law: Then Now Tomorrow is a dynamic  and detailed exhibition designed to engage and inspire both legal professionals of tomorrow and the general public. Open January 2023 to December 2024 in the Sir Harry Gibbs Legal Heritage Centre,  Supreme Court, Brisbane Education about Australia’s […]

The captivating world of Margot McKinney

World of Wonder: Margot McKinney Exhibition

The captivating world of Margot McKinney WORLD OF WONDER EXHIBITION ‘World of Wonder’ Margot McKinney at Museum of Brisbane is an exhibition of breathtaking proportions featuring the stunning work and  story of the illustrious history of this fourth generation jeweller. The very definition of timeless elegance and bespoke excellence, Margot’s extraordinary pieces are a celebration […]

Surprise, inspire, educate, collaborate.

The Condensery

Surprise,inspire, educate,collaborate. THE CONDENSERY The Condensery | Somerset Regional Art Gallery in Toogoolawah is a unique cultural precinct, formerly home to the Nestle condensed milk factory packing facility. Delivering exceptional creative practice to the community through exhibitions, events, performances and the commission of new work by living artists. The gallery was relaunched with a bold, […]