Business or Brand?

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Are you thinking about your business as a brand?

A mistake business owners often make when they have their own business is they don’t think about their business as a brand. Quite often we think of products as brands. But if you are offering services, products or yourself, brand is equally important.

Many businesses operate on the presumption that if they have or do something good everybody will want it. Often they are really close to it, and can’t see the big picture. They may not see how to promote it for the best qualities, or what people actually want. They may just copy others because they see them doing well, so think that will get them results.

When we shift from thinking business to brand, we start to consider much more of the uniqueness of this particular offer. How it can create impact visually, leverage the story behind it, foster connections through vision, values and promise, and how we can influence our target audience at numerous touchpoints.

There are many people that might be in the same ‘business’ but none can have the same brand.

Do you agree? Competitive advantage comes when we shift into a brand mindset?



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