Our Expertise

For over 18 years we have created memorable brands, signage, and exhibition experiences that consistently inspire and delight.

We work with clients across arts, culture, community and education sectors within the key areas of branding, exhibitions, wayfinding and placemaking.  

Our interdisciplinary expertise allows us to provide integrated and end-to-end services across design disciplines of strategy, graphic design, and experiental design.

Crafting authentic and engaging brands

Whether it is a new brand, re-brand or an existing brand, our strategic approach uncovers the best way to authentically represent you and your message. We have helped build brands and communication for a wide range of clients including arts organisations, professional services and startups.


– Brand Strategy (Brand Rocket®)

– Identity (Logo and Expression)

– Brand Refresh

– Brand Guidelines

– Brand Collateral


Creating experiences people love (and remember)

We work collaboratively with artists, curators, project managers, and exhibition teams to create experiences that foster belonging, deepen understanding and inspire with visual richness and beauty


– Exhibition Branding  / Title

– Exhibition Graphic Design

– Didactics

– Marketing Collateral

– Publications

Transforming spaces into inspiring
and meaningful places.

Goldi specialises in delivering distinctive wayfinding and placemaking solutions that differentiate, orientate and activate to connect people to place. We believe that good wayfinding should be intuitive, functional and in harmony with the purpose and design of a place. 


– Wayfinding & Signage Strategy

– Signage Systems

– Signage Documentation

– Interpretive Displays

– Placemaking Graphics



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