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Goldi specialises in delivering distinctive wayfinding solutions that differentiate, orientate and activate to connect people to place.We believe that good wayfinding should be intuitive, functional and in harmony with the purpose and design of a place.

Wayfinding and signage are critical components in creating a memorable, welcoming and stress free experience for any place. From workplaces, and schools to hospitals, community and public places, they play an important role in helping people find their way.

Why work with a wayfinding designer?


As a discipline wayfinding design is quite specialised, and requires experienced designers who are able to analyse how people arrive and circulate within a space via cars, on foot or other methods of transport and develop a clear strategy for how people will navigate a place to their destination. This involves considering the architectural and landscape cues, and how this can be supported by landmarks and signage to provide information, orientation and direction at key points. Wayfinding is not just about signs!


We understand the success of a project largely depends on the quality output of the entire design team. 

Goldi works collaboratively with architects, landscape architects, urban designers and clients to establish user profiles, circulation plans, wayfinding strategies, hierarchies of destinations, nomenclature and user journeys. We are experienced in developing well designed, high functioning wayfinding signage systems that meets all current Building Code requirements and Australian Standards for accessibility.

We understand wayfinding is more than just graphic design of signs. We consider how wayfinding fits within the overall design and flow, and how signage can integrate with the architectural vision, materiality and functional requirements of a building or space.
Providing detailed documentation for construction is a key service provided by Goldi. With clear and concise documentation and specifications, signage can be constructed to a high quality standard and meet current Building Code requirements and Australian Standards for accessibility. This also alleviates the need for improvisation or changes by signage contractors, ensuring the design intent is maintained through to production and installation.

We are adept at efficiently designing and documenting signage suites that utilise cost effective materials and manufacturing methods to ensure signage meets production budget and deadline requirements

What are the key steps in a wayfinding project?

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    Wayfinding Strategy
    For successful placemaking and wayfinding, we first we establish a strategy that aligns with the goals for the development in collaboration with the client and design team members. This strategy considers context, target audiences, journeys, brand positioning, history to inform the wayfinding, interpretive and branded elements within the built environment.The strategy incorporates a wayfinding site analysis including circulation plans that look at intuitive wayfinding from architectural and landscape cues, and analyse destination hierarchy and pedestrian, vehicular and service vehicular flows. The number and type of signage elements required is determined and a look and feel for the signage is established.
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    Detailed Design
    Detailed design involves design of all the individual elements and signage to establish a signage family that includes external and internal signage and graphics, and considers layout, typography, colour palettes and materials. Wayfinding signage is designed to meets high quality standards of uniformity and consistency and in accordance with relevant Australian Standards (AS1428.2), DDA.
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    Local Council Approvals
    We can assist with preparation of a package of drawings for any external signage that requires approval by local authorities, under direction of your town planner and in consultation with the signage contractor.
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    Signage construction drawings are developed detailing fonts, colours, structure, size, materials and messaging as well as a detailed location plans. We will liaise with the awarded contractor and issue construction documentation and any artwork files needed for production.
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    Signage Manual
    Creation of a signage manual provides guidelines to ensure clear communication of brand elements, signage designs, location strategy, materials and construction details. The signage manual is a critical tool for large or complex projects, multiple sites, or for staged implementation.
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    Construction Consultation
    We will work with the you and the signage contractor to ensure signage is implemented as planned. We review and approve shop-drawings and samples and answer questions and attend site to assess issues or defects, and submit a defect summary report.


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