Please don’t ask me to ‘design you a logo’!

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Many times people go to graphic designers or brand designers and ask for just the design of a logo. Now, I’m not saying we don’t design logos, we definitely do.

But if you come and ask me for a logo and say that’s all you need. Then I’ll probably be happy to send you on your way, unless we can have a conversation around what you actually need and why.

Now, there’s plenty of bad logos going around. I will not deny that many of those people DO need a new logo. But why do they have a bad logo in the first place? And why don’t they change it? What effect is this having on their business and their brand? What else is going on in how they are presenting themselves?

If you are asked those businesses ‘who are you, what does your business do and why’. Would they be able to answer it easily? If they can’t answer these questions then I doubt a logo is the only thing they need.

But, brand strategy aside, there is still a lot more to how you are perceived, look and communicate than a logo. This all makes up your brand identity, of which your logo is a part.


Do you agree, bad logos are just a symptom of a lot more going on?



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