Goldi is a creative studio based in Brisbane, Australia.

We are passionate about design and its potential to influence people’s experience of brands and places.


Make an impact  |  Create Connection  |  Build Value


We take the guesswork out of achieving results by having a structured design process and working closely with our clients and the project team.

Every brief may be different, but our guiding principles are always the same.


Every project is an opportunity to be curious. Through questions, research and ideation we explore all the possibilities, establishing clarity of purpose and a focused creative strategy.


Creativity is in our DNA. We embrace ideas and solve problems, pushing creative boundaries to deliver strong and innovative design solutions.


We are passionate about the ‘craft’ of design and attention to detail. From careful crafting of a brand story and tweaking typography through to managing the production process; we are able to deliver high quality results and a hassle free process for our clients.


When we work with you, we are all in. We commit to you, the process and the result. Our single-minded focus and persistence means we won’t rest until we reach the right outcome for your brand or space.


We believe great design rarely happens in isolation – that’s why we’re passionate about collaboration. Bringing together the right mix of knowledge, skills and experience on each project allows innovation and ideas to flourish.


Good design makes us feel. It has the power to connect people with a brand or space. We’re excited by the opportunity to help you forge a deeper connection with your people and clients.


Collaboration is a key to our success, bringing together a range of skills and experience to every project.



Angela is passionate about creativity and connecting with people through design. She has 20+ years of experience across the craft of typography, graphic design, and environmental graphics in studios in Sydney, London and Brisbane. Angela founded Goldi in 2005 – an inter-disciplinary design studio, with an emphasis on quality design solutions and a high level of service.

With a strategic approach, Angela aims to fully understand a client and their needs in order to best represent their brand or vision across identity, print, environmental graphics and digital mediums. She has established a strong reputation in Environmental Graphics, combining her visual arts background, and her eye for detail to consistently deliver ambitious, highly creative solutions within deadlines and budgets.



Michail is a lover of brands & a award winning brand consultant/designer. He has over 20 years experience working in Brisbane, Sydney and London. He is passionate about getting to the heart of what makes people (individuals/businesses/organisations/brands) tick—and helping to authentically express who they are.

His objective is to nurture creativity and inspire ideas & innovation to build brands that are loved. Michail’s has worked with a diverse range of brands across the world. From start-ups to rebrands, education to oil & gas, events to health, cement to steel, and world cup cricket to football. His experience is in consulting directly or working as part of global teams.



Bec is our enthusiastic, go-to graphic designer, who is cool, calm and organized.

She believes that it’s everyone’s personal responsibility to use their skills in a tangible way to leave the world a little better. With degrees in both graphic design and marketing, as well as experience in architecture, her aim is to use her skills to work across brands and environments to help people feel more connected to each other and place.




Nabeela is a passionate designer with a strong work ethic and drive to create. With a qualification in Graphic Design, she is interested in learning more about the design process and working with passionate clients. She actively contributes innovative ideas on an individual level and through the collaboration process leading to the creation of innovative brand collateral and environmental graphics for our clients.


Thomas Smart


Thomas is an Industrial and Graphic Designer with a strong track record in developing Wayfinding and Signage Strategies for a range of clients including Parklands & Open Spaces, Urban Precincts & Public Realm, Healthcare, Commercial Buildings and Car Parks. With over 10 years experience integrating brand identity, wayfinding and signage into large-scale projects, as well as prior experience in manufacturing environments, Thomas is able to provide invaluable input into all stages of the project from strategy and design through to technical design & construction detailing.