A surprising and inspiring regional gallery


The Condensery | Somerset Regional Art Gallery in Toogoolawah is a unique cultural precinct, formerly home to the Nestle condensed milk factory packing facility. Delivering exceptional creative practice to the community through exhibitions, events, performances and the commission of new work by living artists. The gallery was relaunched with a bold, recognisable and ownable identity with punchy messaging and graphics to stand out and be noticed.

A dynamic frame forms the letter ‘C’ while also providing a striking visual language. It is a flexible system that enables the gallery to be clearly identified across a wide range of applications from posters to billboards to signage and animations.

“The new identity for The Condensery as a whole positions the gallery on a new level. It provides a sophisticated, elegant and extremely attractive visual language that communicates our vision, mission and the ambitions of our programming. It also harks to the history and heritage of our industrial site while meaningfully bringing us into the contemporary world. The logo and its application as a dynamic frame is above and beyond all expectations we had for our new branding, and has successfully accomplished our goals, and more. Angela, Michail and the team listened at every stage of the process. They understood our needs and proposed practical options that would not only meet all our aesthetic needs but enabled us to implement all aspects of the rebrand rollout seamlessly and smoothly. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”
Rachel Arndt, Gallery Curator, The Condensery | Somerset Regional Art Gallery


  • Strategy, Identity and Communications


  • Building Photos:
  • Norman By Bodo Muche at The Condensery, 2021. Photo Phil Lister Photography
  • Catherine O’Donnell Drawn to Home, Installation View, 2021. Photo Peter Borbely
  • Brochure:
  • Participants at Let’s Draw Drawing Workshop, November 2021. Photo Filmertography
  • Program:
  • Caitlin Franzmann, Essence Meets Essence, 2021, Multi-Channel Audio, Red Lighting, Yellow Wall Paint, Timber Drum Shells with Sounding Elements of Seeds, Nails, Felt, and Mylar, Performed By Hannah Reardon-Smith, Jodie Rottle and Amanda Terry. Installation View, To The Curve Of You, Institute Of Modern Art, 2021. Photo Marc Pricop
  • Zanny Begg, The Beehive, 2018, Production Still, Photo By Sam Droege. Courtesy the Artist and Enigma Machines
  • Vicky Browne, Cosmic Noise (Detail), 2016 2018, Material Sound, Installation View, Murray Art Museum Albury, 2018. Photo Jules Boag
  • Pia Van Gelder, Recumbent Circuit, 2016 and Soft Synth No.1, 2018, Material Sound, Installation View, Murray Art Museum Albury, 2018. Photo Tyler Grace
  • The Condensery’s Historic Bomb Shelter, 2021. Photo Phil Lister Photography
  • Billboard:
  • Caitlin Franzmann, To The Curve Of You (Tarrawarra) 2021, Installation and Audio Walk, Tarrawarra Biennial 2021: Slow Moving Waters, Tarrawarra Museum of Art Curated By Nina Miall, 2021. Glass Vessels Handblown by Jarred Wright. Sound Design in Collaboration With Nick Huggins. Photo Andrew Curtis
  • Poster and Banners:
  • Caitlin Franzmann,, Pampach’i, 2021, Mother Achira Flower Essence Created with Annie Meredith, Glass Vessel Handblown by Jarred Wright, Riverstone, Steel Stand. Photo Louis Lim