So Well and Diligently Set Forthe Exhibition

Rare Books Exhibition

So Well and Diligently Set Forthe RARE BOOKS EXHIBITION Celebrating a nationally significant collection and a long and rich history with an exhibition of rare books titled ‘So Well and Diligently Set Forthe’ at the Supreme Court Library Queensland. Using illustrative motifs take from rare books in the collection the branding was minimal and reflected […]

A transformational exhibition

The Designers' Guide: Easton Pearson Exhibition

A transformational exhibition THE DESIGNERS’ GUIDE: EASTON PEARSON ARCHIVE EXHIBITION The Designers’ Guide: Easton Pearson Archive featured 200 garments displayed at Museum of Brisbane (23 November 2018 – 22 April 2019). The exhibition revealed the artistry, techniques and demi-couture practices that placed the label at the forefront of Australian fashion from 1998 – 2016. AWARDSMAPDA Winner […]

Step into the stories of our city

The Storytellers Exhibition

Step into the stories of our city THE STORYTELLERS EXHIBITION Through an immersive and interactive experience, The Storytellers uncovers the hidden histories, myths and tales of Brisbane as told by some of the city’s contemporary writers. The highly aclaimed and award winning exhibition was a masterful collaboration between museum, designers, artists and writers. AWARDSGOLD — […]

A designers’ guide

Easton Pearson Exhibition

Easton Pearson Exhibition

A Designers’ Guide EASTON PEARSON EXHIBITION CATALOGUE An exhibition catalogue to accompany the Museum of Brisbane exhibition ‘The Designers’ Guide: Easton Pearson Archive’. For the first major exhibition from Museum of Brisbane’s Easton Pearson Archive, the catalogue showcased selected garments and close-up details, revealing the artistry, techniques and demi-couture practices that placed the EP label […]

100 Views of Brisbane

Making Place Exhibition

100 views of Brisbane MAKING PLACE EXHIBITION Making Place presents more than 100 historical and contemporary depictions of the Brisbane region from the Museum of Brisbane collection. The exhibition branding is inspired by artist Jenna Lee’s feature installation and the overarching exhibition concept around the formation of place. Place, in Brisbane, is not a static […]

Exploring colour, light and form

Bauhaus Now

Exploring Colour, Light and Form BAUHAUS NOW EXHIBITION Bauhaus Now: art+design+architecture, was an exhibition at Museum of Brsibane and explored the legacy of migration and modernism in Brisbane. This exhibition was an indepth look at what is still considered one of the most influential art and design movements, featuring work by Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack and architect […]

Rediscovering a tropical oasis

City in the Sun Exhibition

Rediscovering a Tropical Oasis CITY IN THE SUN EXHIBITION City in the Sun exhibition at Museum of Brisbane explores the idea of Brisbane as subtropical oasis and features an incredible selection of modern history and contemporary art. Featuring playful reinterpretations, flamboyant reimaginings and quite reflections, the exhibition proposes exciting new images of Brisbane’s subtropical identity […]