Teacher. Educator. Mentor.

Lisa Jackson Pilates

Teacher. Educator. Mentor. LISA JACKSON PILATES Lisa Jackson is a renowned pilates instructor and teacher. Branching out from her well established ‘Core Pilates’ brand, Lisa created her own certified pilates teacher training under her own name. The new brand reflects her personal values of connection, collaboration, and confidence through bright, positive, and energetic imagery in […]

Revealing the red thread

Lena Belin

Revealing the red thread DR. LENA BELIN Dr. Lena Belin is an award-winning independent researcher, consultant and strategic designer. Uncovering people’s truths, why it matters and how to create meaningful change is her passion. A new brand strategy and identity embraced the idea of the red thread that Lena reveals by connecting with people and […]

Reaching new heights in human movement

Federation University, Sport Science Building

Reaching new heights in human movement FEDERATION UNIVERSITY, SPORT SCIENCE BUILDING Goldi was commissioned to design place-making graphics to complement the refurbished and extended Sport Science building at the Federation University Mt Helen Campus, Ballarat.  The graphics include large painted wall graphics to the entry to creating an inspiring first impression, coupled with feature graphics […]

The powerful dichotomy

Katie Fairbrother

The powerful dichotomy KATIE FAIRBROTHER Katie Fairbrother is a powerhouse of energy and experience, and launched her personal brand to stand out and be noticed. Goldi’s Brand Rocket process helped Katie get clarity around her her target audience, her distinct brand personality, the value she brings to the market and world, and how that can […]

Layered learning

IES 495 Boundary Street

Layered learning INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION SERVICES, 495 BOUNDARY STREET Through colourful typographic layering of ten learner profiles, striking custom graphics add colour and interest to corridors in this International Baccalaureate school in Spring Hill, Brisbane. The graphics and colour palette respond to the overarching architectural concept for the building, where each level presents a narrative of […]