The powerful dichotomy


Katie Fairbrother is a powerhouse of energy and experience, and launched her personal brand to stand out and be noticed.


Goldi’s Brand Rocket process helped Katie get clarity around her her target audience, her distinct brand personality, the value she brings to the market and world, and how that can be articulated through a strong brand position. 

Her bright brand identity with strong colour and geometric design reflects a Powerful Dichotomy concept, reinforcing that you can be a woman and strong; creative and technical; calm and energetic; intelligent and fun.

“Working with the Goldi Design team was a positive, engaging, and creative experience. In the brainstorming session I felt comfortable, understood, and able to show up authentically me and to trust the process. It was fun to see how the initial conversation evolved into a design that hit the mark.”

Katie Fairbrother branding

Brand strategy and identity



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