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Criminal Law: Then Now Tomorrow is a dynamic  and detailed exhibition designed to engage and inspire both legal professionals of tomorrow and the general public.

Open January 2023 to December 2024 in the Sir Harry Gibbs Legal Heritage Centre,  Supreme Court, Brisbane

Criminal Law Exhibition at Supreme Court Library

Education about Australia’s legal systems and history is important for all members of society. We can gain an appreciation for how far we’ve come, as well as understand our obligations as Australian citizens.

The eye-catching brand applied to glazing effectively draws the attention o passers by in the public square outside the Supreme Court, as well across a range of marketing and digital applications.

The bold graphics and colours translate well into interpretive elements, differentiating and telling the story of the law from past to present to future.


The 3D visual style highlights the concept of looking back and looking forward to where the law could go in the future, and the dynamic shapes accomodate different panel sizes and images.

In addition to the exhibition panels, Goldi was asked to design and fabricate wooden objects to sit in the existing cases and compliment the exhibition narrative.

The woodcut scenes add an extra storytelling dimension to the exhibition by inviting the viewer to participate in the law and consider what their actions would be if they were witnessing or involved in each event.

The wood cut sculptures provide an excellent way to illustrate a moment in time where a criminal offence has occurred and allows the viewer to imagine their own dialogue and context.

Branding, Marketing, Exhibition Graphics

Supreme Court Library

Sir Harry Gibbs Legal Heritage Centre, Supreme Court 

Alanna Jayne McTiernan

Didactics Printing: Colour Chiefs



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