A bold statement for arts & culture in Somerset


Somerset Regional Council have re-invigorated arts and culture for the local community with an ambitious new brand for the Civic Centre

Goldi were engaged to lead a brand strategy workshop with key stakeholders from council, community and the arts. We set the scene with our signature “Brand Rocket” workshop to discover the needs of council and the community they represent. 

Asking Big Q’s, correctly positioning the centre and the audience, through asking who we are and who we are a not exposed tensions and key points for Goldi to take back to the studio for ideation and development. We understood the need for a brand that would uplift the Civic Centre to a contemporary destination for the arts. 

The new civic centre brand complements the striking agricultural and architectural structure which already maximised angular shapes with a tesselated portico and geometric facades. The warm honey toned materiality creates a natural warmth and a spacious inviting presense.


The new brand reflects a place of community, connection and belonging for any occasion. With the choice of balanced semicircular elements and a bold colour palette the logo stands proud, bigger and bolder to engage and elevate the culture, creative industries, skills development and quality of life within this multi-purpose place of warm connections.

The ongoing project will see the rollout of an exciting visual language across online, print and soon to be signage. The bold brand reaches out into the local community with a suite of online templates that were provided back to council.


These templates were buitl to online and print specification to ensure ease of use and caters for capabiity of staff. This is a suite of work that will change the region from an overlooked architectural masterpiece inot a place of connection and memory for local and interstate visitors alike. 

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Somerset Regional Council



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