‘Perfectly Imperfect’ makers studio for kids


Clay is the first exhibition in a series by Ipswich Art Gallery, designed to develop visual literacy through experimental, process based, hands-on exploration of the Elements of Art . 

IAG Kids Clay Studio harnesses the creative potential of clay to help children discover ‘form’ – traditional and non-traditional.

28 July — 5 November 2023

“Let’s get messy.”

The Ipswich Art Gallery’s Children’s Gallery is an Australian first. It is the country’s first permanent, interactive children’s gallery space designed for the under-twelves, with specific programs aimed at the early childhood, lower primary and upper primary age ranges. 

For Clay, it was transformed into a maker studio space to facilitate experimental, hands-on exploration, where children develop visual literacy and unleash their creativity through the art of making. 

IAG Kids: Clay Studio exhibition design
IAG Kids: Clay Studio

Goldi was engaged by the gallery to create the exhibition brand and experiential design, plus a suite of marketing collateral. As a hands-on, creative experience for both kids and adults the solution needed to be children focussed but captivate the hearts of the young and the young at heart. 

The design celebrates the messy and tactile nature of clay. The imperfect letterforms and shapes resemble the fluid form of clay and highlight that art doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’. Friendly faces invite children (and adults) to get involved and get their hands messy.  

IAG Kids: Clay Studio Boy with clay bowl and cute graphics
IAG Kids: Clay Studio Posters
IAG Kids: Clay Studio Website and Stickers
“It is truly a privilege to develop programming in our beautiful Children’s Gallery. I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to Angela and her team for their invaluable collaboration. Her contributions have been instrumental in bringing this project to life, and I am grateful for her thoughtful insights and support.” 

Hannah Attwood, Engagement and Operations Manager

The transformed gallery space is warm and uplifting, with bright wall colours, custom built display shelving, inspiring and quirky vinyl graphics and fun clean up spaces. A mountain of clay evolves every day as a group experience, inviting collaborative play and discussion.  

From opening days, visitation has been at near capacity, with many repeat visits even within a few days. The gallery is gathering insightful anecdotal feedback from staff and visitors, to demonstrate the importance and demand for such important play based learning in galleries.

IAG Kids Clay_exhibition

Brand identity, marketing materials,
exhibition design

Ipswich Art Gallery

Thomas Oliver and Angela Golding

Thomas Oliver

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