A journey into different worlds


A journey into different worlds JUNIOR CURATORS: MYSTERIOUS REALMS Junior Curators: Mysterious Realms transports audiences into playful worlds drawn from and inspired by the Ipswich Art Gallery Collection.   A ground breaking program developed with locally based young curators, who embarked on their own journey into the world of curation and exhibitions. Ipswich Art Gallery25 […]

A legacy intertwined with Queensland history

Thynne + Macartney Publication

A legacy interwined with Queensland history THYNNE + MACARTNEY 130 YEARS PUBLICATION To celebrate 130 years of continued practice, Goldi designed a hard cover publication telling the history of the Brisbane’s oldest law firm, “Thynne + Macartney – The First 130 Years.” Written by historian Carmel Carrick, the story of Brisbane’s oldest law firm is […]

Showcasing a daily sketching ritual

Deb Mostert: Everyday Sketchbooks Exhibition

Showcasing a daily sketching ritual DEB MOSTERT: EVERYDAY SKETCHBOOKS EXHIBITION Decades of daily observations have been preserved through Ipswich-based artist Deb Mostert ‘s sketchbook practice, and she showcases her collection for the first time in Everyday Sketchbooks. “My sketchbook is exploration, in context and connected to a moment in time. I’m free to draw anywhere […]

The captivating world of Margot McKinney

World of Wonder: Margot McKinney Exhibition

The captivating world of Margot McKinney WORLD OF WONDER EXHIBITION ‘World of Wonder’ Margot McKinney at Museum of Brisbane is an exhibition of breathtaking proportions featuring the stunning work and  story of the illustrious history of this fourth generation jeweller. The very definition of timeless elegance and bespoke excellence, Margot’s extraordinary pieces are a celebration […]

Inside the World of Wonder

Margot McKinney Publication

Inside a world of wonder WORLD OF WONDER PUBLICATION ‘World of Wonder’ is a hardcover monograph style art book detailing the extraordinary life and business trajectory of jeweller Margot McKinney. Margot is arguably one of Australia’s most successful jewellers. The book sheds light on her unique working method and the fascinating and beautiful objects produced. […]

Step into the stories of our city

The Storytellers Exhibition

Step into the stories of our city THE STORYTELLERS EXHIBITION Through an immersive and interactive experience, The Storytellers uncovers the hidden histories, myths and tales of Brisbane as told by some of the city’s contemporary writers. The highly aclaimed and award winning exhibition was a masterful collaboration between museum, designers, artists and writers.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0Kvqf8_fzA AWARDSGOLD — […]

A designers’ guide

Easton Pearson Exhibition

Easton Pearson Exhibition

A Designers’ Guide EASTON PEARSON EXHIBITION CATALOGUE An exhibition catalogue to accompany the Museum of Brisbane exhibition ‘The Designers’ Guide: Easton Pearson Archive’. For the first major exhibition from Museum of Brisbane’s Easton Pearson Archive, the catalogue showcased selected garments and close-up details, revealing the artistry, techniques and demi-couture practices that placed the EP label […]