Showcasing a daily sketching ritual


Decades of daily observations have been preserved through Ipswich-based artist Deb Mostert ‘s sketchbook practice, and she showcases her collection for the first time in Everyday Sketchbooks.

“My sketchbook is exploration, in context and connected to a moment in time.

I’m free to draw anywhere and at any time, slowly or swiftly, I don’t need more than a few portable materials that fit in my bag.

It is always carried and my forcefield against boredom and apathy and is a safe place to retreat to…”

Extract of manifesto, Deb Mostert

The challenge when designing this exhibition brand was consolidating many different mediums, styles, and colours into a coherent brand look and feel that was applicable across both digital and print mediums as well as a publication.

Harmonious images were chosen to create a consistent colour palette and the grid layout highlights the volume and variety of Deb’s works and allows details from many different pieces of art to shine through.

Deb Mostert: Everyday Sketchbooks Exhibition at Ipswich Gallery

In addition to the exhibition brand and marketing materials, Goldi was asked to design a a 12 page concertina fold publication to supplement the exhibition and inspire more people to start sketching.

Deb’s manifesto is scattered amongst tessellating images of her sketches that reflect the style of the branding. The final pages are left blank for the budding artists to start their own sketch journey.

Deb Mostert: Everyday Sketchbooks Exhibition at Ipswich Gallery

Brand identity, marketing materials, publication

Ipswich Art Gallery

Courtesy Ipswich Art Gallery

Cornerstone Press



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