Connecting creativity in the Burdekin


Delta Yarns is an arts and culture initiative based in the Burdekin, North Queensland.

Driven by storytelling, Delta Yarns is focussed on unearthing the stories of the local place and its people and creatively resharing through Fashion, Food, Landscape, Lifestyle and Industry.

A new identity that matches the ambition of the organisation and a website filled with spectacular commissioned photography both reflect the richness of the arts and culture in the region.

The Delta Yarns identity is based on the connection between people and place, their interwoven stories and the creativity that is flowing in the region.​​​​​​​ It also hints at the untold underground where the many​​​​​​​​ story threads from above and below meet in unexpected ways.​​​​​​​​

Delta Yarns calls to creativity with a punchy tone of voice and bold photography. Fashion is the first theme brought to life through the inaugural event: Re:Collections 2022 – a hand-picked selection of unexpected and unfamiliar experiences inspired by a vintage garment and accessories collection.

“Thank you both so much for completely getting everything about Delta Yarns and capturing this in the website.  Plain and simple – I love it. Beyond thrilled.”

Christine Clark, Co-founder of Delta Yarns

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Delta Yarns



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