Creating a healing sanctuary at Mater Convent


Mater Convent at South Brisbane is undergoing a heritage refurbishment to transform it into Catherine’s House—a state-of-the-art perinatal mental health service for mothers, babies and families.

Connecting to nature

Goldi drew on the themes of connection to nature, comfort and nurturing to create graphic motifs and designs that enhance the visitor and patient experience and support wayfinding through assisting with orientation and identification for rooms and common areas. 

One particular challenge of this project was devising a graphic that was versatile over many different functions.

The graphic needed to differentiate areas for public and private patients, while being used over a variety of medium such as privacy graphics on glass, wall graphics, and individual room indicators.

We devised a basic leaf graphic, based around the concept of the healing garden, and the eucalyptus tress that are native to the area. Different leaf shapes are used for the public and private areas, and different colours are used to help patient way finding to their individual rooms. The graphics are flexible and were scaled for different uses at different sizes. 

Wayfinding and environmental graphics

Conrad Gargett
Mater Hospital

Chris Wardle
Alanna McTiernan



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